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Design is a good idea

Connect to your audience. With a bit of help, you can reach them in any of a number of channels. Web or print, site or magazine, screen or flyer, I’ve got you covered.


As a business is born, it has a life of its own. Giving it a name and a face should translate that budding personality into a trustworthy brand.

web design

The internet gives your audience a direct line to your message. I can help you build those bridges and find the best way to use online media and its advantages.

Books & Magazines

I design online and printed publications of every kind from periodicals to corporate reports, literature to operations manuals. Illustrations and photography options are available.

invitations, brochures ...

Whether it's a product, an event, or an idea, the printed works wonders to deliver undivided attention.

Picture this :

 Award-winning photography is at your disposal. Immortalize your favorite moments, capture time, document progress and give a face to your projects.


Personal and family portraits can freeze time and relive it years later.

Business headshots and pictorials by a professional will let you put your game face on.

Destination shoot

Plan to celebrate an anniversary with a trip to an amazing city, country vineyards or a small village in Provence. Book a shoot so these moments can be cherished and shared.

Event sessions

Have a professional capture your family gatherings, ceremonies and special moments or corporate events. When there is a lot going on, make sure someone catches those important instants.

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